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Outdoorsy Tattoos

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When I was about 16 years old I had always the urge to get a tattoo, but as my parents where never going to allow it and that I never found the perfect tattoo this urge of having a tattoo disappeared over the years. Until a few months ago when I saw this perfect little tattoo which could never bother me over time.

Time to get some inspiration, and I saw all those perfect small & outdoorsy tattoos. No, a really big tattoo isn’t something in particular for me, but some something cute and small: ‘ Perfect’! A lot outdoorsy tattoos with mountains, snowflakes, ski’s or real bizar ones..

I made a selection of my favorite outdoorsy tattoos. As you can see, I’m not quite sure about the place for my tattoo, but they are all pretty tiny and not really  in your face.

Whats your favorite?

Outdoor tattoos she & ski