Hokkaido, Japan

Skiing in Japan

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Hokkaido, JapanOne of the places I like to go to for skiing is Japan. Although it’s pretty expensive, it should be worth every penny..
According to the people i spoke, who went there.

Something with champaign powder..

Some inspiration..

The first part shows you Niseko Japan with Sandra Lahnsteiner. Have fun!

This champaign powder is created by the Siberian winds with moisture from the sea of Japan. These two elements together create the driest and lightest snow of the world.

I knew I had to go to Hokkaido for the best skiing in Japan. After some research I learned that the northern Island (Hokkaido) has the beste snow that could be found in Japan. Besides the best snow there is a lot of beautiful scenery and hot springs!

Where to go?

Hokkaido gives you over 100 ski resorts, with the most famous Niseko and Furano. A large number of all these ski resorts are pretty small with only one or two ski lifts. Niseko and Furano are the most touristic of them all. Keep in mind that you check the vacations of the Aussies, so that you’re not there in the middle of an Aussie break.

When to go?

The winter in Japan is almost similar to the winters in Europe. Normally the winter in Japan starts around the beginning of december until the end of April. Mostly, you will get the most optimal snow conditions in February..

How to get there?

You have a flight to Tokio with e.g. KLM or Japan Airlines. From Tokio you can go to Chitose, where you can take the bus to for example Niseko.

What are you’re favorite spots in Japan?

At the end of this season, Japan will probably still be on my bucket list. But I probably will go there next season.. Do you have any tips?

For avalanche information: www.niseko.nadare.info.