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We all know Atomic from the skis and boots they make. Three years they also start with a clothing line. It’s a simple line where you can choose for insulated 12294886_967600803278449_4641153615532035580_nclothes or a shell jacket. I never was that interested in their clothing line, because the colors where a bit boring. This year they did it better a lot better with much brighter colors. Besides the ski clothing they also have lovely tops & fleeces that matches the rest with your jacket and pants.

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The clothes are special made for skiers. The ski pants and jackets are carefully cut and shaped to match people’s skiing positions. They give extra room and stretch in the areas skiers need, like over the knees and around the elbows and shoulders. So even when you’re crouching and turning, you’ll never feel restricted.
All the clothes are extremely lightweight, and with fabrics like Pertex and PrimaLoft they also keep you warm.

Do you know the clothing line of Atomic? And what do you think of them?

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