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Roxy – Sand To Sea Collection

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If the option to ski get less in spring / summer, for us it is the time to make sure that we either get fit or remain fit for upcoming winter. How we do that, that’s something we will share in a few weeks, but we find it important to remain in shape during summertime.

“Extra incentive to stay in shape”

To stay in shape is always good, but with an extra cute outfit it is even better to work out. Well, that’s just one of our ways to motivate myself a little bit more!

Favorite Brands

Brands that we always follow for the perfect sport gear are e.g. the well known as Nike, Adidas, but also Kari Traa, Victoria Sports Collection, Under Armour and Roxy.


Roxy has so many bright colors and catchy patterns which makes us already happy when we see it, not even to think how it motivates us to work out in their sport gear.

– Sand to Sea Collection – 

At the end of July, they came with a new collection calls “Sand To Sea”, which you can wear on the street but also in the water!

The collection is especially made for people who like the variance in sports, from surfing until running, and that is exactly what we like during summer time to remain in shape!

Here a few of our favorites. What is yours?

Roxy sand to sea collection running short-minRoxy sand to sea collection swimming-min

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