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Do you wanna plan a day trip, while you’re on holidays in Austria? Is it summer or winter, it will always be perfect to travel to Innsbruck and explore the city!

Why Innsbruck and what are the things you can’t miss out on while your there? We have the tips for you for a perfect day trip in Innsbruck.

Perhaps you fly to Innsbruck Airport for your holiday break in Austria, then it is only a few minutes away to make a quick stop in the city centre of Innsbruck, or to plan a night away before you fly back home. Innsbruck is the capital city of Tirol, which give you perfect access to a lot of the mountain areas and villages. So it is almost impossible that you are never close by to the capital city of Tirol!

The city of Innsbruck can be broken down in more different areas of the city, but one of my favorites is “old town”. It is the oldest part of Innsbruck where you go back in time about 800 years. But what are the things you have to do around here?

Try some schnapps

There are a lot of different store that are full, but really full with all kinds of schnapps! Here you can score the perfect souvenir to take back home or just for yourself ;)! Of course! They can tell you a lot about the different kinds, and let you taste them before you buy them ;).

“Goldenes Dachl”

A typical landmark of Innsbruck is the golden rooftop in the old part of the city. Here you see 2738 gold-plated copper tiles. In the 15th century Maximillian was able to have a perfect view on the square where tournaments or events where from his own luxury tower.



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