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Hallstatt – Travel tip

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Why Hallstatt?

If you ask an Austrian why you should go to Hallstatt you will get the following reaction, yeahh you can go but it is a mountain village at the lake like every other village in Austria. But… there is more! Hallstatt is at the Unesco world heritage list, so the perfect reason why you should drive by! Besides, the Chinese found Hallstatt so beautiful that the rebuild the whole village in China ;).

What is the best way to travel to Hallstatt?

You can either travel to Hallstatt by car, train or bus. It lies between a few of the biggest cities of Austria, but mostly in the area of Salzburg (appr. 1 hour drive). From Wien and Graz it is about a 2 – 3 hour drive.

Hallstatt mountain village in fall, Salzkammergut, Austria

4 Must see things when you are in Hallstatt 

The old city center of Hallstatt

The old market square in Hallstatt is the old city center. Here, people come together to have a drink on the lovely little terraces and have diner at the restaurants.

The picture perfect place to take a picture of Hallstatt?

Do you also see all those picture perfect pictures from Hallstatt? If you take a small walk from the market square you come to one of the most photographed places in the world! The tiny houses of Hallstatt seem to disappear into the mountains, the water of the lake looks like a mirror glass. Perfect!

Also fun to do it the Echerntal trail. Via this trail you get an amazing view on the nature of Hallstatt and an opportunity for even more beautiful shots of this little town in the mountains!

The lake of Hallstatt

When you are in Hallstatt you can enjoy swimming in the lake, but you can also perfectly discover the town via the water! If you’re not really upto the touristic boat tour over the lake, you can discover it also with a kajak or a sup! Right next tot he lake there are a lot of trails, where you can wander around to discover it all!

Skywalk Hallstatt “Welterbeblick”

You rather discover Hallstatt from above? Hallstatt has an amazing skywalk where you can look over the small town and the mountains. The skywalk is on the way to the salt mines. You can get to the skywalk via a lift, but also for the #fitpeople you can hike up. It’s about a 90 minute hike. After the skywalk you could for example watch the salt mines, which is actually the reason why people came to Hallstatt in the first place.

Mountainbiking in Hallstatt

Perhaps you would like to do something more active, then just wander through the town? In Hallstatt you have about 19 mountainbike trails that show you the most beautiful pieces of nature around there. There are different rounds possible, but the most mountainbike trails start at 35 km’s. A lot of these trails show you an amazing overview over Hallstatt and the lake!

Classic view over Hallstatt in the morning in summer, Salzkammergut, - most photographed point in the world

How can you discover Hallstatt the best?

Hallstatt can be best discovered while wandering around, and is really good for a one-day trip when you are in Austria! Personally, I really love to just walk everywhere because you get to see it all instead of being in a metro and so on. Even in city’s as big as New York I love to walk around to make sure I don’t miss a thing. Next to wandering around the town, Hallstatt can also be pretty good discovered via the lake. There you will see the rocks and mountains surrounding this small village. Stunning!

Have fun!

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