Krampus in Austria

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Every early start of the season when I visit Austria I get struck with the krampus story. Krampussen in general scare the shit out of me. So most of the time I stay inside. The krampuslauf as they call it in Austria is a parade which is so different from the traditions we know from Holland, were we know St. Nicholas but then it’s a really good vibe. Never heared of the krampuslauf? Below you find a small compilation of the Global News.

What is krampus?

Krampus is the companion of St. Nicholas. Where we in Holland know the “zwarte pieten” who come together with St. Nicholas to Holland. Krampus has a bit less nice character then the tradition we know in Holland. A bit more good cop/bad cop. The krampussen are both for adults and children frightening as hell, and make sure you reflect whether you have been on your best behaviour the last year.
Krampus is all but nice. By frightening everyone they try to force everyone to be on their best behavior. The tradition of Krampus can be found in several countries, e.g. Austria, and parts of Germany.


Next to the fact that Krampus comes over to your home, there’s often and organized parade where the krampussen enter the small towns. Mostly mountain valley selects a few krampussen, and visits every town in that certain mountain valley. Often this parade is on the night before the 5th of december. Then the krampussen wander through the streets of the small towns, and the remind you of small devils with big frightening horns on their heads. You can hear them from far, as they wear rusty bells and chains. They use this noise to scare away the evil ghosts of midwinter.
The krampussen cary wood branches bundled together where they hit the “adults” who haven’t been on their best behavior. From the kids they only steal their hats. The krampus would be my childhood nightmare..! What do you think? Are you going to join a krampuslauf this year, or did you already joined one?

Have fun!

love she and skiSHE&SKI