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What to do when you are in the mountains at rainy days?

A few weeks ago I made a weekend trip to beautiful Arlberg in Austria. When I arrived the weather was a perfect bluebird and you could see all the mountains around you, but I already knew the weather would be worse in the upcoming days.

A bit worse weather then a bluebird is ok, but that it would be that rainy and clouded, and that I wouldn’t be able to see the peaks of the mountains, was not something I thought of. During my breakfast I was in doubt whether or not to go to the peak of the mountain that day, as it was actually my plan for that weekend. Yeahh, I know something with letting things go… 😛


So… Rain.. Clouds.. and Mountains..

During the breakfast the owner of the hotel told me that there was a perfect hike that took about 3 hours in the direction of the Verwalltall, alongside the river, a bit up and a bit down. Which actually would end in the Sennhutte for a delicious lunch. This was the best tip he could give me actually, because now I hadn’t had any inconvenience of the low-hanging clouds. Only from time to time rain showers, but that is of course something you can dress for.

In the end, I couldn’t get that laugh off my face, and eventhough there were some heavy rain showers I nothing more then loved this hike!


In one word, TIP of the Day! Stay low and where possible go into the woods and then you will really enjoy those rainy days in the mountains!


love she and skiSHE & SKI

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