Food: Kaiserschmarrn

Food to Love: Kaiserschmarrn

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Food: Kaiserschmarrn

Everytime I go to Austria I have a few dishes that are on my food to do list. My favorite on my food to do list is Kaiserschmarrn, the most Austria travelers will exactly know why :)! I love it when its really light, with some applesauce and red fruit compote. As we all know it’s not everyday a sunday, so we have a recipe for you where you can make your own light kaiserschmarrn at home. For the one’s who did not yet knew Kaiserschmarrn, it is definitely worth while. It is actually the pancake, and then chopped with some applesauce. If I define it in that way, it sound not really appealing but I’d say just try it once. You would love it!

For the times when you’re a bit homesick to Austria ;).

Ingrediënts (for 2 portions) of Kaiserschmarrn:


4 eggs
45 gram sugar
1 bag of vanilla sugar
100 gram flower
100 ml milk

red fruit compote
Powdered sugar

Preparation Kaiserschmarrn: 

#1 Put the egg yolk and the sugar in a bowl en mix it to a light and creamy mix. (Keep the egg whites in a separate cup)
#2 Add the flower and milk and mix it to all together. You can also add the raisins. Tip – you can soak the raisins for a while in a bit of rum to make it a bid more tasty.
#3 Wisk the egg white until stiff and mix it to the other part of the baking mix.
#4 Put the frying pan on the stove and let the butter melt in the pan. Divide the baking mix over two frying pans, but make sure that you put a thick amount in each pan. Then you will keep the light kaiserschmarrn. Let it bake for 3 minutes, then cut it in 4 pieces and turn it. Continue to let it bake for a few minutes. Cut the 4 pieces in smaller pieces, and let it cook.
#5 Put the kaiserschmarrn on a plate, and put some powdered sugar on top and serve it with applesauce and red fruit compote.


Don’t wanna be hours in the kitchen for a portion of Kaiserschmarrn?

Don’t wanna make yourselve kaiserschmarrn? In Austria you can get in almost every supermarket ready-made kaiserschmarrn of the brand Knorr. You can either choose the natural kaiserschmarrn or the once with raisin. The only thing you need to add on is water, mix it all up, and bake away.. And not to forget you need to get yourselve some apple sauce or red fruit compote.

Where kaiserschmarrn has it’s origin we will tell you soon!

Let us know whether you loved it?!

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