Ski World Cup – Night slalom Flachau, Austria

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The ski worldcup travels all around the world for the different FIS Events. This time the worldcup is in Flachau, Austria for the night slalom.

Upcoming tuesday the 10th of January 2017, the ladies will be at the start of the weltcupstrecke at Flachau, Austria to ski an amazing slalom. At Monday the 9th of January 2017 the party already starts with the competition number draw, and a pre-party in the city center of Flachau. Below you will find a small summary of what you can expect!

Impression of the women nightslalom 2017


What is the program for the women nightslalom at Flachau? There’s a lot to do in these days, but these moment you definitely need to go to:).

9 January 2017
19.30 – 20.00 h  Competition number draw city-center Flachau

10 January 2017

17.45 1st run FIS Audi Women Nightslalom
20:45 2nd run FIS Audi Women Nightslalom
Award ceremony at the finish area.

A lot of party’s will be helt around the nightslalom at Flachau!


Where exactly do you need to be in Flachau? The slalom is always at the Hermann Maier Weltcupstrecke. That’s the slope of the starjet 1, for the Flachau’er among us.

FACTS Hermann Maier Weltcupstrecke

  • Distance 637 m.

    The distance the women need to cover from the start to finish is about 637 meters.

  • Start at 1146 m. altitude

    At 1146 meter above sealevel is the start for the women nightslalom.

  • Finish at 955 m. altitude

    The finish is at 955 meter above sea level. So they cover a distance of 191 meters.boven zee niveau.


Sorry to say, but you do need tickets for this event to get a glimpse of the women skiing the nightslalom.

The price varies between 12.- and 150.- euros. Do you want stand along the slopes, then you can get a ticket starting at 12.-. TIP: climb a little up along the slope, you definitely will find the perfect spot. The way down will be a little bit harder, but definitely worth while. You’d rather stand at the finish and take place down there, then the price for the tickets start at 32.- euros.

TIP: You will get a group discount, starting at groups of 11 people. The 11th tickets will be free!

Tickets Nachtslalom

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