Snow Alert

In Austriaby sheandski

It was my intention to be in the snow the upcoming days… Unfortunately due to some last minute work obligations in Holland it was not possible. What is even more sh*t that enormous amounts of snow fell down in the Alps! At some places in the Alps at the tops almost 100 cm!

These epic shots we would rather not keep from you guys! When are you back in the snow again? I have to wait about 2 weeks, and then I’m back in the snow :). Can’t wait!

Lech – Austria

It is snowing good in Lech and the expectation is dat untill the 11-11 about 164 cm of snow is coming! What?!
lech austria

Ischgl – Austria

Also in Ischgl the first beautiful wintershots are appearing! The upcoming 5 days about 64 cm of snow is coming towards Ischgl. Just Perfect!

Solden – Austria

The ski test of this season in Solden has some good luck, perfect snow to test the new ski’s for upcoming season. The upcoming days about 53 cm’s of snow is expected!
It is snowing all over Austria, but the sun isn’t peeking through the clouds yet, thus even more snow! Would this all mean that we are going to have a perfect cold winter with a lots of fresh snow? If you’re asking us, let the snowing continue and then we will have perfect conditions in two weeks, when we are back in Austria! When are you going to ski this season? And where are you heading?

love she and skiSHE&SKI