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The secret spots of the fernpass

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Many of us drive during wintertime over the fernpass to get to the ski areas in e.g. Tirol. We do see the beauty of the Fernpass, but in summertime there are a lot of different secret spots that will show you the most magnificent blue/green lakes. Do you wanna know which lakes you can’t miss out on at the Fernpass?


Don’t forget to take 4 euro’s of cash along. Hereby you get access to the road that will lead you to the parkinplace of the Blindsee. Walking is a bit to far, believe me I tried ;). There’s a hike around the Blindsee, when you like to spot every beautiful corner of this lake. It’s a pretty big lake, so take enought time for your hike!

From the restaurant Zugspitzblick you look out over the Blindsee, especially when you take place at the terrace on the side with the glass deck. !TIP!

Blindsee Austria


One of my favorites! It almost makes me think of the clear blue Canadian lakes (sorry also an Canada fan J). In the middle you see a cute island with a few trees, too sweet ducks who eat out of your hands and clear blue/green water where you almost can’t wait to dive into. From the parkinglot you get access to a mountainbike route, but if you try to reach the house you see at the end of the lake, you will enter the hiking route along the lake. Which leads you to the most beautiful places along the lake, perfect for some picknicking! Before you reach the parkinglot, watch out a lot of snakes have been spotted over there ;).

Weissensee Austria

A few other beautiful places at the Fernpass are the Mittersee, Samerangersee and the Fernsteinsee. The later is at the Sloss Fernsteinsee hotel where you drive by when you cross the Fernpass. This lake is a bit bigger and gives you also the opportunity to dive, kajak or just swim. Next to the lake you can find a campground, if you are passing by with a camper!

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