Travelling with by plane to your wintersport holiday?

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Did you ever considered to travel by plane to wintersports, or did you already travelled via plane to your wintersport destination?

Actually it’s not that bad of an idea to travel by plane and it has several advantages!

  1. You don’t have to drive all the way yourself, so will get way more relaxed at your destination.
  2. The travel time is most of the times way shorter (see below for some tips).
  3. You do something else then focusing on the road, time to relax, read a book, it’s all possible!
  4. You can see the mountains/alps from above, <3 amazing to experience that once. So you get already in the mood, to shred some pow ;).
  5. If you book on time, it can even by cheaper.
  6. You can bring along al the ski and snowboard gear you have, just check it in as special luggage. Not even that expensive.

Where to fly to when you go on holidays in Austria?

In the winter months you can travel from almost all airports in Holland to Innsbruck and Salzburg airport. In general these are the easiest places to travel to, as they are all pretty centralized located between the ski areas.

Are the flight schedules not really working out for you, then you have always the possibility to go to Munich or Zurich. Then you need about a 2 hour drive to get to the most ski areas. These airports have in general way more flights, as there are a lot of business flights going to these airports. So you should be able to find an appropriate flight here to get full relaxed to your wintersport holidays.

Short travel time

Do you like to have the shortest travel time as possible, try to find the airport closest to your home and try to find the smallest. Hereby, you can prevent the fact that you have to be really early at the airport, due to check-in times and the long walks to the gates or waiting in the line for the security.

Which airports as rather small and fly back and forward to Austria?



Tip! Upcoming march it will also be possible to fly from Groningen to Munich, so for the people from the north of Holland pretty interesting as you will have a way shorter travel time!

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