UPDATE: Fresh powder + Winter outlook

In Austriaby sheandski

solden_austria_winter_oktober_2016Photo credits: Solden


Powder update

It that time again, the first powdershots are being made for the season 16/17. #Jealous, but oh so good! Within two weeks I was planning to go to the snow, but instead I have to stay at home for my duties at work in the Netherlands. The last few days it has been snowing in the alps, perfect base! Although we hope it is a forerunner for an epic winter, but is a lot of snow at the beginning of the season a forerunner for a good winter??? We did some research for you….

Winter Outlook

As we look back at some previous winter seasons, we see the following: We have been seeing for a few years that it’s getting warmer and warmer during the winter season. The seasons of 13/14 and 14/15 were already warmer, but the hope was there for the winter of 15/16 to get a little bit colder. But nothing more was true, it was one of the warmest wintertimes in the alps since the registration of the weather since 1881! All effects that occurred due to El Niño. But… this winter could be the end of El Niño and the start of El Niña. What could mean that the temperature is going down worldwide! The expectations are, according to the NOAA, that El Niña will make her entrance at the end of the fall or the beginning of the winter! Especially in the Alps and the Canadian Rockies could this be the difference for a perfect cold winter!

My gut feeling is that the wintertime is transferring a little bit. The peak of the snowfall transfers a bit more to the “end” of the winter season. The big snow dumps are falling a bit more towards the end of the season, unfortunately! Or when you are aware of it, you can off course plan your trips a bit more towards the end of the season! Although through El Niña it is expected to come a little earlier this season!

As the last few days have been dominated by snowfall, we would like to share some of those perfect pictures! The ski areas are ready for the upcoming winter season, I’m ready for the next winter season to start, Are you?

Kitzsteinhorn Austria Winter Oktober 2016Photo credits: Eva Walkner


Schermafbeelding 2016-02-07 om 17.42.20She & Ski