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Best places to ski

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Best places to ski

What makes it the best place to go for a week of skiing? There are so many elements, that differ for so many people. Do you want a nice town that breathes skiing? Or do you want the possibility to have some typical wintersports food? Or do the type of slopes matter to you, or maybe the options to find some nice lines for a bit of free-riding? We summed up a few of our favorite spot, where you definitely should go some day! (and a few where we definitely go to ourselves)!

Banff, Alberta – Canada

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Banff is a small cozy town, that gives you the ultimate ski town feeling! A lot of different ski shops are located down here, and many bars and places to eat! Banff gives you different options to ski. Our favorite is Sunshine village, only a 15 min. drive away from Banff town. As the name appears, it should be a village and a lot of sunshine. We saw a bit of sunshine, but not a lot of village. When you take the first lift up the mountain you will enter the center where all the main lifts are coming together. Besides the main groomers, they have a whole free ride section: delirium dive. This gives you the opportunity to ski on one of the world’s famous free ride zones, only thing you need is a beacon, probe, shovel and a buddy. Then you’re good to go!
Other options around banff is Mount Norquay. Known as a rather steep mountains, with only a few slopes.

Zermatt – Switzerland

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Zermatt lies at the foot of the Matterhorn and gives you a romantic swiss feeling. The village of Zermatt is car-free, and you can park your car in Tasch where the train will take you to the town of Zermatt. For both beginning and advanced skiers zermatt has enough options. It is nominated for ski-resort of the year of 2015! The town facilitates you with different shops, places to eat and classic apres-ski as you know it.

They live by the following rule: ‘Once you go Zermatt, always in Zermatt”.

Hokkaido – Japan

Best places to ski: Hokkaido, Japan


A dream places for many skiers filled with champaign powder! Hokkaido gives you about 100 different places to ski. Although a lot of these ski areas have only two ski lifts. Niseko and Furano are the most known areas to ski, but if you want it a bit less crowded the island of Hokkaido gives you plenty of places to shred some powder. Click here for more information on skiing in Japan

Alyeska – Alaska

Best places to ski: Alyeska - Alaska


Alaska is one of the places which is on every skiers bucket list. It gives you all the options you need from touring, hili-skiing but it also has a nice area to ski in Alyeska. It gives you enough options for off-piste skiing, with about 16 meters of snow per year. Thus, enough fresh snow to make some epic lines. For the ones who like the groomers, Alyeska gives you more then enough beautiful groomers, with amazing scenery! Definitely needs to be on your bucket list!

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