Canada: Banff Gondola view

Banff Gondola

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Canada: Banff Gondola

What to do, when you want to see more of the surroundings of Banff then the slopes? Take on a clear day the gondola up in Banff! You will get an amazing 360 degrees view of the mountains surrounding Banff! A view that I just couldn’t get enough from! The mountains are so ridiculously beautiful up here, so different from the mountains in Europe (which are also beautiful but different though). Make sure you have at least a hour or hour and half to make the trip up and down and wonder around the borderwalk they created on top of the Sulphur mountain. You will drop from one into another amazing view, what is definitely worth taking thousands of pictures. (Yes, I did J). So you can pick your best pictures in the end J.

If you want to visit the top of sulphur mountian with the banff gondola, it’s advisable you make a reservation in advance. So you don’t have to wait in the long line of people who didn’t made a reservation.

Canada: Banff Gondola view