Lake Louise - Banff National Park

Beautiful hikes in Banff national park

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Lake Louise - Banff National Park

After our roadtrip through the Canadian Rockies this year, we selected the most beautiful hikes in Banff National Park (in our opinion!). So many beautiful things to see around Banff National Park, but these have to be on your list when your traveling down there! Have fun..

1. Lake Louise – Lake Agnes – Little Beehive

4.4 km one way – 490 elevation – 3 hours roundtrip
If you go to Lake Louise, don’t stop at the foot of the lake near the Fairmont Hotel. A lot of hikes start near Lake Louise, but one of our favorites is the hike from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes (Teahouse) and continue heading up to the Little Beehive. Right at the start of the hike the elevation starts. You can follow the signs of the Lake Agnes Trail and you’ll walk right next to Lake Louise, right at the first corner you’ll get an amazing view at Lake Louise which gets bleuer as you get higher. (Tip: everybody stops here, but you will get to much better spots to take the perfect picture!). Just before you encounter Lake Agnes, you’ll see Mirror Lake. You will still find a blanket of snow here, until the end of June for the snow lovers! Both ways around Mirror Lake will lead to Lake Agnes, so the choice is yours! Lake Agnes will pop up with the most cute Teahouse, where they make you tea with water straight from Lake Agnes. You can also lunch here e.g. bagels and more (Keep in mind: you can only pay cash up here!).

From Lake Agnes you can go up to the Little Beehive, only 0.9 km further. But don’t be fooled, with that much elevation it takes a bit of your time to get up there. But if you have any energy left, it definitely worth the climb! Just walk all the way to the top and you’ll have a lookout over all the three lakes you saw on your way up. – So Beautiful.

Hike Lake Louise - Lake Agnes - Little Beehive - Hikes in Banff National Park

* Plain of Six glaciers is also high on our list to hike, but sadly we didn’t had enough time this roadtrip!

2. Boom Lake

10 km – 175 elevation – 3 – 4 hour round trip
When you’re traveling through Banff National Park all hikes are pretty crowded from June until September, but if you pick the hikes that are a bit longer than average you will not bump into as much of your fellow tourists. This is also the case with the Boom Lake hike. This hike takes you along a beautiful forest, but from time to time it’s pretty scary! Why? I was just scared that a bear would pop up through this thick forest, and I wouldn’t see it coming. Nonetheless, we didn’t encounter any bears during our hikes ( we did at other moments!! ) At the end of this hike the thick forest bursts open, and the most beautiful lake pops up with a stunning mountain view ( in June still covered with a blanket of snow)! The perfect spot to eat your packed lunch!

(Tip: There are a lot of mosquito’s at the lake so bring the mosquito spray or you will get eaten alive!)

Boom Lake - Hikes in Banff National Park

3. Johnston Canyon

2.4 km one way – 120 elevation – 1.5 hour roundtrip
Johnston Canyon hike is a short well paved hike. Untill the lower falls you can easily go up with e.g. a stroler or wheelchair. Which is also a factor that it makes Johnston Canyon really easily accessible, and extremely popular and busy during day hours. You can better visit Johnston Canyon early in the morning or late in the evening, as bow valley parkway is closed down between 8 pm and 8 am its a lot less crowded during these hours.
Last winter we did the Night-Icewalk in Johnston Canyon so we were exited to see what it would look like during daytime! (and it is really amazingly beautiful!!)
You should definitely walk to the upper falls as it is only a short way further then the lower falls, but the nature surrounding it is really worthwhile to go that extra mile!

Johnston Canyon Walk - Hikes in Banff National Park