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Dog sledding

In Banffby sheandski

Snowy Owl Dog Sledding:

Dog sledding Canmore CanadaAs a side step to skiing dog sledding is a beautiful outdoor activity, which can be done on several different places in Canada, and thus also in a town near Banff called Canmore. We arranged this activity through the tourism office of Lake Louise. Although, it would also be possible to arrange it through the organization itself “Snowy Owl Dog Sledding” or other tourism offices.

There are different dog sledding organizations around Banff and Lake Louise etc. But the reason we choose for Snowy Owl Dog Sledding is that they allow their guests to drive the sled on their own, which is kind of the reason why I wanted to make such a trip. Besides, if theirs enough snow there will be a sled that is totally controlled by guests! Thus, no instructors on board, so if you have that luck go for it! You will then be surrounded by other sleds, which have instructors on board for the occasions that you will need one.

snowy owl dog sledding canadaAs we went in a year when there was the worst snowfall since 1994, we had no choice but to go on a sled with an instructor. During the trip I came to the understanding why there is an instructor needed when there isn’t a lot of snow. Fast and icy tracks and turns where you have to know what you are doing otherwise the sled may tip over. Nonetheless, I had the opportunity to drive the sled along with the instructor, which was really an amazing experience! The instructor loves to tell you everything about the dogs and their experience in dogsledding, so if you have any questions ask them anything you would like to know. For example, there are some dogs that wear tiny Santa sock, which was one of my questions. They wear them because the soles of their feet aren’t thick enough, and the icy tracks will cut their feet.

So when your there take a dog sledding tour, and maybe you will see some wildlife too ( I wasn’t that lucky ;)).