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Siberia – Snowcatskiing

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At Christmas I went to Siberia for a week of snowcatskiing.  Sorry for the late report (I was in Australia for a while). But here is still some pictures with what I did in Siberia. This was the first time in Russia for me, I never thought that I would ski there.

So when this chance came on my path I could not say no. Together with 5 others I went to Siberia.

The first flight was to Moscow, we almost mist our flight, luckily I can sprint really fast ;). Unfortunately my luggage had not made it,  my bag arrived a day later and my skies even arrived 3 days later. Fortunately there was a few skis in the lodge that allowed me to ski anyway.  We have skied there for 5 days. Every day we went up with the catski and made about 7 to 8 runs per day. Unfortunately there was no really fluffy powder but that did not make skiing less fun.   

Siberie Catskiing

I booked the trip that I made with Epique, they offer exclusive trips to different winter sports areas. This trip was together with Skiing in Siberia, thanks !!

love she and ski

She & Ski

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