Goggle; Bollé

In Gearby sheandski

Goggles are one of the most important things you need when you’re skiing. A goggle has to fit on your head but we also like it when it has some nice colors and maybe matches your ski outfit ;).  So when we had the oppurtunity to get the Bollé Scarlett we could’t resist this. This ski goggle is perfect with a cool pink lens.

This goggle from Bollé is the signature edition from the Austrian skiër Anna Menninger and is special designed for women. It’s not really a big goggle, so also perfect for small heads. The lens of this goggle has a UV400 lens and has a anti-scratch coating. They build a Flow-Tech air system in it so it prevent fog in your lenses.

Unfortunately we only test this goggle in some grey weather. So we couldn’t say how the sight is when you have a sunny weather but we can say you still could see enough with on a cloudy day.

And some good news al well, this goggle isn’t that expensive and also in sale at the moment. You can order it here!

love she and skiSHE & SKI