How often do you check your airbag?

How often do you check your airbag?

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The last couple of years I have been skiing with an ABS airbag for more safety off-piste. But the question always remains, will everything work in the heat of the moment?

Of course will this always be the question, but there are a few things you can do to get as much assurance as possible.

With all the snowfall of the last couple of weeks in Austria and you still wanna go off-piste, then there is nothing better then knowing all your gear functions, and also you airbag.

The thing you can always do at the beginning of the season, or the first time back on skis is to get your airbag checked at a local sportshop. E.g. in the village where you are staying walk into the local sportshop and ask for the possibilities. What they can do for a small price, is let you pull your airbag and replace the cartridge and the trigger (for this small price).

By pulling your airbag you’re sure that the balloons are filled properly and quick enough to give you more assurance off-piste. Besides that they learn how to fold the balloons of the airbag and how to release the air from the balloons. When you need it, then you know how it works!

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