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A good goggle is very important to protect your eyes from the sun and cold. When you buy a new goggle you have to focus on a couple things! It’s important that you have a good lens in your goggle. Not every lens works for the different weather conditions. That’s why you have most of the time two lenses with your goggle. Now a days you also have lenses that coulors with the weather conditions. Do you have bad sight than the colour of the lens coulors automaticaly lighter so you can still see a lot.

Ski Goggle POC NXT

Besides a good lens it’s important that your goggle fits on your head and helmet. So try your the goggle always with your helmet. It’s a good fit when your goggle has no gap on the sides or at your nose. When your goggle is to small you can have pressure points. So always check how your goglle fits on your head!!

You have noticed that you sometimes have glasses get foggy. This happens when ther is a big temperture differents between the inside and outside lens of your goggle. When you buy a good ski goggles, there is often a coating on your lens to prevent condensation. On top of the ski goggles you have a foam layer that provides extra ventilation. Also, many ski goggles nowadays have a double lens, this creates an extra gear so the photothermostat is not that big and your glasses don’t get foggy.

All you need to do is find a nice ski goggles. See also here for some extra inspiration!

Ski Goggle POC Pink and Blue

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