Wintersport holiday gifts for her

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Are you looking for the perfect gifts for under the christmas tree or just an extra holiday gift? We selected the perfect gifts for wintersport lovers, from 20.- tot 200.-  This is our top 5 of the perfect holiday gifts!

1. Helmet

Always good to have for your own safety, but also a good Eye catcher for your outfit! I’m a fan of a more neutral helmet, and like to wear white helmets. But if you ski outfit has a bit more neutral colors, then you definitely have to go for a bit more colors in your helmet! You can never have enough pink ;).

shred half brain helmet White

poc helmet auric cut pink

Shred Half Brain Helmet – White 109.-                               POC Auric Cut Helmet – Pink 170.-

2. Beanie

After skiing it is always good to have a beanie. One wears it for the cold, the other wears it to mask the messy hair after a day of skiing. But you can never have enough beanies, so many colors and prints, and not to expensive to give!


Roxy dare to dream beanie







Heidi Liebt – Beanie 35.-                                                         Roxy Dare to Dream Beanie – 22.95

 3. Goggle

A good goggle can make the difference between a good day in the mountains or a perfect day of skiing. When you have the perfect vision, you can easily prepare for anything that is coming your way. The Poc goggle has a NXT lens, that colors along with the UV-rays fall on the lens. Hereby, you never have to bring along an extra lens and you keep the perfect vision!

poc iris nxt goggle








Poc Iris X NXT 160.-                                                           Shred Stupefy 179.99

4. Shades of Winter Necklace

When you rather give something small for the holidays, this necklace of Shades of Winter could be the perfect gift! An amazing middle long necklace with the perfect mountain tops, so you always carry on the mountains with you!

shades of winter necklace





Shades of winter Necklace 35.- (excl. shipping)

5. Winter Mug

Also these mugs of Village & Wild are really cool to have. They have limited edition mugs, with cool winter quotes! “I Love You To The Mountains And Back”. Perfect for the fanatic skier, who can’t get enough of wintersports and likes to bring along winter during their cup of coffee in te morning!

Mountain Mug

Winter Mug 37,40

Hope you found your perfect holiday gifts!

love she and skiSHE&SKI