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Cheering up your blue monday!

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On this monday the 16th of january a lot of people tend to be a bit depressed due to the holidays being done, the empty bank accounts due to the december month, the extra weight due to too many food during the holidays, and getting back from all this to reality. Back to work..


Yet, we aren’t the most miserable people in the world, so we selected a few shots to get you going! We are going for the #feelgoodmonday!

Everybody loves snow!

These animals in the Oregon Zoo are so happy with the snow, and are as wild as we are on the mornings we see it’s going to be a good powderday!

A little bit of freeriding?

Or just some inspiration for this winter. Dave Treadway* skies the most bizar line, which he can only reach by foot. The way to the top of the line is nerve wrecking, but the way down is amazing! Enjoy watching!

*Dave Treadway is one of the pro-riders of Peak Performance and ski’s the most sick lines. His son is already on his way on keeping up with his dad at only 2 years of age >> Kasper Treadway


The moment you look out of the window in the morning with the hope that some fresh snow has fallen during the night, and you see it’s dumping! It can only mean that some great powderdays are ahead! Source: Zell am See – Kaprun

We hope that your blue monday already changed a bit to a #feelgoodmonday. Keep up that good spirit! And if you have any other shots/photo’s to clear up that blue monday >> share them below in the reaction section!

love she and ski


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