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You can see the coolest outdoorsports en actionmovies from this year at the EOFT. This year there are different movies about climming, skiing/snowboarding, mountainbiking, mounteneering , paragliding and rollerskiing. We love outdoorsport but what those people do is a little to extreem for us. This are the movies you can see:

– The A.O
This film is about Adam Ondra, a very good climber. You follow how he can become such a strong climber and how he can reach some new heights.

– Frozen Mind
An action film about skiing and snowboarding in which Victor de le Rue and Pierre Hourticq skis through narrow glacier crevices over ice fields and with wind speeds up to 60 km / h they show a lot.

– Via Cruxis
We all know that mountain climbing can be a challenge. In this movie you see what you can encounter on the way. Sometimes it’s good that you do not always know what to expect in advance.

– Mbuzi Dume – Strong goat
Mbuzi Dume’ is Swahili and means ‘strong goat’. Tom Belz gave this name to his mountain guide. This ‘strong goat’ climbs the Kilimanjaro with one leg and two crutches. Together with Dr. Klaus Siegerler, the man who saved his life 23 years ago.

– North of Nightfall
This film is about Axel Heiberg, an island in Canada. In the winter it is cold and dark, lots of ice and snow. When the sun comes through it offers a spectacular mountainbike terrain. You see Darren Berrecloth, Carson Storch, Cam Zink and Tom van Steenbergen approaching the endless descents on there mountainbike.

– 8000+
A film about paraglider Antoine Girard through the Karakorum mountains in Pakistan. He wants to paraglide from the high Broad Peak (8051 m). If he succeeds, he sets a new height record but the air is very thin and the take-off is therefore very difficult.

– A to B Rollerski
Raimonds Dombrovskis prepared in 1988 for a long biathlon training run. Together with his dog he goes on his roller skis from Canada to Mexico.

– The Frenchy
The life story of Frenchman Jacques Houot (82 years old). No mountain bike trail and no ski slope is safe for people like this native Frenchman, he loves life and he lets everyone know.

The E.O.F.T. can be visited at more than 300 locations in 15 different countries.
The program lasts about 120 with non-stop films about all outdoor sports you can think of.
Do you love the outdoors then this movienight is definitely worth to go.

For the Dutchies: tickets can be purchased at Bever  or at EOFT official website.

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love she and ski

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