Freeride film festival 2015 – Amsterdam

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Freeride film festival 2015 Amsterdam

A few weeks ago we were at the freeride film festival in Amsterdam, watching epic movies for almost six hours! This moment is always THE moment of the official kicks off feeling for the upcoming season. I see all these amazing skiers, and they give me so much inspiration. Letting us think that it are the easiest lines they ski, as it appears to occur totally natural and no effort is needed. There were to many movies to see, but we will highlight our favorite freeride movies below.

Paradise waits – Teton Gravity

Paradise waits is among one of our favorites. Especially since Angel Collison shows that she has balls, and skis the most amazing lines. The movie shows the struggles of last season, waiting, waiting and some more waiting.. for the best moment to hit the mountains. (which is what we also did on our trip last year to canada, but we weren’t that lucky).. And then when the snow starts falling they show you the most amazing things. They hit the mountains in Canada, Alaska, Japan until Greece and Kosovo. Paradise waits is definitely one to watch!

Onekotan – The Lost Island

Onekotan surprised us in a positive way. This isn’t a full pull freeride movie, but shows you the adventure that they faced when they decided to go and ski where no one else had yet skied. Onekotan is part of the pacific fire ring, somewhere between Kamchatka and Hokkaido. They found Onekotan “the lost island” on google maps, and thought it would be an amazing adventure to go over there and ski. Their expectations of visiting one of the most amazing island of the world turned into an experience that was one of the most dangerous and toughest as they had ever experienced. This movie takes you along in the challenges they face every moment of the day. One to watch!