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Freeride Film Festival 2016

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About last night…

Watching movies for 6 hours seems pretty long, but watching freeride movies for 6 hours seems to go by in just a few seconds…

So thats what we did last night at the Freeride Film Festival at Tuschinski – Amsterdam. All loving wintersports minded Holland came to Amsterdam to watch a selection of the most epic freeride movies of this winter season…

We watched 6 films in total, where Tight Loose was my all time favorite (so far) of this season. Runner up: La Liste and The Fourth Phase ( despite the fact that it is a snowboard movie, the makers of the art of flight keep on amazing us!). Both freeride movies show the most epic lines, and the most steep places in the world that can be skied. Even though they ski on all those bizarre lines, in every movie it is shown that these choices are carefully made. Showing the importance of these choices, when your traveling through the mountains and showing the power of nature and the mountains. Although is seems that every line is being skied, sometimes they have to wait days, months, years to ski some lines. Something that is also of importance for us, when you decide to step outside and go off-piste.

Tight Loose

A movie of Teton Gravity Research that lets our winter minded heads running over with impatience for the next best moment your in the snow again. Everything seems to be possible, the easiness is showing off, looking like it is possible for everyone to do. Nothing is less true, which can be seen from the compilation below from the movie Tight Loose. Especially how Sam Smoothy makes an bizarre frontfilm, crashes, but seems to get his shit to getter and just skis on.. (2:40). For the whole trailer of Tight Loose >>

Ruin and Rose

Before the freeride film festival we had high expectations of Ruin and Rose. Due to the storyline that was shown in the trailer. Sadly this story line ruled practically the whole movie and put all the skiing to the background. Not really one I’m going to watch over and over again.

The movie Between of the makers of Shades of Winter wasn’t at the freeride film festival, one of the movies that is still high on my list of freeride movies for this season. But that will hopefully happen soon! :).

What are your favorite freeride movies of this winterseason? For more freeride movies of this season >>

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