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Being fit for the ski season never seemed that important, but the thing is when you’re fit it can really lift your skiing to a whole other level. You probably know the feeling, somewhere during the mid-days of your holiday, you can’t get anything from your legs and they are feeling like they’re weighing tons! But there’s really no need to have this feeling! I’m training for almost a year with a personal trainer who focuses on training the power in my legs, core stability and balance. Already after 2 months of training, I really experienced the benefit from it last march when I went out for some skiing. Eventhough, I’m not really the lazy one, weekly regular visits fitness school and weekly running trips to the park.

Is a personal trainer a little bit to much? There are also a diversity of ski-fit courses, where you are being prepared in a 6 week training for you trip to the snow without the mid-week blues! You’d rather train yourself? No problem, we have selected some exercises for you!

The most important parts of your body that you need to train for the ski season:

  1. Core
  2. Legs
  3. Arms

Fit for the ski season?Ski exercises

To be as fit as you can be on the slopes, you have to combine different type of exercises:

Mobility exercises

Hip thrusters
Single leg deadlift

Make sets of 3 exercises – 12 – 15 reps – 3 rounds.

Explosiveness exercises

Lateral bounds
Box jumps

These exercises can be done in one set – 12 -15 reps – 3 rounds.
A few of these exercises are really well set out on by old pro snowboarder and now personal traienr: Michelle Ford.

Endurance exercises

Make sure that you go running, mountainbiking every week! Make sure that you keep on challenging yourselve during these sessions, so that your level of endurance is not only maintained but is extended! You can trigger yourself by doing an interval training: e.g. 8x 1 minute running fast – in between 2 minutes running slow. Make sure you do a proper warming-up of 5 minutes running slow.

Ps. when you want to start off the ski season fit, you have to start early. 6 weeks prior to your vacation is the minimal time you need. The best would be appr. 2 months to get in top shape! 🙂

Any questions? Let us know!
Have fun!

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