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Lindsey Vonn racing men

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Off course we also have big examples in skiing, and Lindsey Vonn is one of them. She is now skiing for years and is still at the top of the league and has overcome a lot af injuries. We like to follow her on Instagram aswell to see how she preps for the winter season. Last week, there was was the news that she is trying to ski with the men Worldcup in Lake Louise (Canada). In 2012 she also tried to compete with the men, but then they refuged her request. 

Lindsey Vonn trains a lot with the men who are participating in the worldcop, and even then she is a lot faster then some men. Now she wanna knows how good af a skier she is. With 77 Worldcups wins you should say she knows she is a good skier.

She said she would quite skiing after this season. Hopefully, we wil see a lot of her this winter, so we can enjoy her skiing performances. If she can’t ski with the men in Lake Louise she is going to organize a skirace by herself ‘battle of the sexes’. We are curious! What about you?

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