“New” Tattoo

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Tattoo’s are things that have played around in the back of my head since I was about 16 years old, but my parents really thought it was a bad idea to get one at that age. When looking back I won’t say they weren’t right at that time, but at that time I found it to be the largest non-sense possible. About a year ago I shared with you guys my favorite “outdoorsy tattoos”. For me the inspiration for the minimalistic tattoo I took a few months later.

The mountains and the skiing in the mountains is something that I’ve learned to love at a really young age. That’s why mountains took a special place in my heart and for me it feels like the ultimate place of freedom. In my opinion we let ourselves limit that feeling of freedom from time to time, by the normal flow of life, and thats why I have to keep on reminding myselve of this freedom.

This was then also the reason why the minimalistic mountain tattoo felt like a perfect tattoo that I wanted to carry along for the rest of my life.

Mountain tattoo - She and Ski

After the decision for my first tattoo, yes you’ve heared it right there’s another one… I got the feeling that I wanted one at a place where I could see it better myselve. So that’s why two minimalistic tattoo’s. The second one I have on my wrist and is also in shape of the mountains that keep reminding me of that ulimate feeling of freedom!

Mountain tattoo - outdoor - she and ski

Do you have any tattoo’s or want to have one?

love she and ski