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Photo diary on this “epic” winterseason

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Der Wolf Lech - Vorarlberg Austria
This season for us was a season with a lot more skiing then the previous seasons. Also because the last few years was a bit more controlled by our new jobs in Holland, and we were a bit chained to the amount of free days you get when you are in a fixed job. Yes chained to a fixed job. But we both decided it was time for a bit more freedom. Where Sedie already quite her job in september to travel and then go for a season of skiing. Where I decided in december to quit my job and start a freelancer life, to make sure I was able the ski the most I would like too.! Eventhough the snow came in late this season, but we were lucky enough to pick some extra time in April with lots of snow. Perfect ending of the season. We don’t like to keep this all from you, here a small photo diary of last season! Enjoy!
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  • Alpin kurs ischgl austria she and ski

This season the most time we were in Austria – arlberg/vorarlberg. Where Balmalp was one of our favorite places.

Powder kisses are always welcome!

Perfect night views on St. Anton

St. anton nightview tirol arlberg austria

The perfect powderdays in january made us quick forget the “bad” start of this season!

Freeriden zurs vorarlberg austria - she and ski

Somewhere, mid april we were lucky enough to ski the meters of snow that fell down, while most areas were already closed. Perfect end of a perfect season!

ischgl tirol freeriden austria
Much more pictures have been taken this season, but these are our favorites! We can’t wait for next season to start and with all those dumps that late in the season it was hard to say goodbye to this one. Nonetheless, we ended off a perfect season, with not that much injury’s (just a broken thumb but if thats all ;)). We can’t wait for next season! What are you going to do next winterseason?

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