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Frances Verweij


  • Age: 24 years
    Three #hashtags that describe you: #skiing #travel #sun
  • Where can we find you:
    Summer: in the air over Europe because of my work as a flight attendant.
    Winter: always in Kappl in Tirol, next winter I will be in different places in the mountains.

1. Where does your passion for skiing come from?

I actually learned to ski very late, when I was sixteen. I really liked it right away which made me very motivated to improve myself. Two years later I did my “Anwärter”, the ski instructors course. Since then I started teaching in the mountains every winter. It’s kind of an addiction, I would not be able life without skiing. At one point I was searching for more challenge, so 2 years ago I went skiing offpiste for the first time. A whole other world opened up for me.

2. How is your summer vs. Winter?

I have been teaching every winter season for the last six years. As a ski instructor you can take a few rounds before and after classes and during your breaks. However, as a ski instructor you do not have that much freedom to really ski for yourself, because you are always constrained to time. I wanted to change that for next winter. I will now only be teaching in the busy periods. Furthermore, I have some nice events in prospect and I will work together with a number of ski brands. I also have some ski trips planned, including one in Macedonia, so it’s going to be fun this winter!

3. What are your dreams for the next three years?

  • Heliskiën: This one is really high on my ski bucket list. This is the dream of every skier. Unfortunately it is quite pricey, I hope in any case that in 3 years I can say that I once did heli skiing!
  • Camperlife: I have been dreaming of a life in a camper during the winter for a couple of years. How cool is it if you have the freedom to go wherever you want? For example to go after the fresh snow.
  • Freeride competition: Last winter I got the chance to participate in freeride competitions where unfortunately last minute I could not participate. Which of course was a big disappointment. I do not know what to do next winter. But within those three years it would be really cool to participate in a freeride competition.
  • Finally, I have many countries on my list where I want to ski, Japan, New Zealand, Chile and so on. It also seems cool to ski in places where you would not think about skiing, Turkey, for example.

4. What should not be missing in your backpack when you go skiing for a day?

Besides my safety equipment (beacon, shovel, probe) I will never go out without a camera. I really like taking pictures, preferably action / winter photos. You never know what you see on a day of skiing.

5. How do you stay fit during summer?

Onces a week I’m going to my physical therapist. She trains me for one hour. Besides that, I strive to go mountainbiking once a week, run twice a week and do yoga and other exercises at home. This is a big challenge for me because of my work. I have irregular working hours, sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night, or I arrive home from a workday in the middle of the night. This makes it physically unable to excercise the other day.

Frances Verweij Freeskiing

6. This year we can see you in the new Poederbaasfilm; create your signature. How was it?

Poederbaas has organized an event last winter: “Riders’ Choice”. Three trainers, Paul de Groot, Rembert Notten and Koen Goris started giving young talents freeride training. You could apply by sending a video. They choose my video and I received freeride training for a week in the middle of nowhere in France. Everything that happened that week was recorded by a camera team. That’s how the documentary: Create Your Signature was made. By participating in the Riders’ Choice, I hoped to gain more knowledge about safe and responsible choices of lines and gain more information about snow conditions. Unfortunately, I have been ill for almost the whole week so I almost couldn’t ski.