She can ski sunday Hanna Mork

She can Ski Sunday: Hanna Mörk

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Hanna Mörk


  • Age: 27 years
    Three #hashtags that describe you:#celebrateyourself #exploreeverything #makememories
  • Where can we find you:
    Summer:Swedish west coast, on an island called Tjörn
    Winter: Swedish mountains called Björnrike/Vemdalen, in the Alps; in Soelden, St Anton, Ischgl, Serfaus and in US, Salt Lake City.

1. Where does your passion for skiing come from?

I´m born and raised in a family who always have been skiing. Stood on my first ski when I was three years and there it was; my skiing carrier! During my years I have been practicing my skiing with my family in US, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland etc. I know this is kind of cliché but I have one person that inspire me, and it is my boyfriend. He is a former ski instructor and professional skier and I trust him on everything that comes to skiing.

2. How is your summer vs. Winter?

I´m living in the south of Sweden in a town named Halmstad. Here you can do a lot of things during summer because the city is a ”summer-city” with tourists, events and exploring. But during summer time I love to be in our summerhouse at the Swedish west coast. Sailing, exploring, water-skiing, running, swimming and just relaxing. During wintertime I love to be as near the mountains and the snow as possible. Love to spend time at our winter house in the north of Swedish mountains, in a village called Björnrike and Vemdalen (1,5 hours from Åre). The latest years we also use to go skiing in the Alps, in Soelden, St Anton, Ischgl, Serfaus and in US, Salt Lake City.

3. What are your dreams for the next three years?

  • Camper life: I would love to go up in the north of Sweden or Norway and camping. Set up the tent on different and new places and exploring the nature and mountains with my little family (boyfriend and dog). A dream would be to go to Lofoten.
  • Powder skiing: I love powder skiing but when it comes to big mountains and untouched snow at new areas I sometimes feeling a little bit unsecure. I have plans for learning more about avalanches and skiing powder safety as soon as possible.
  • I love to film and taking photos during all kind of activities, and this is something I would like to develop more for the next years. Have at this moment started a YouTube-channel and would love to upload more films (I have one on the go right now).

4. What should not be missing in your backpack when you go skiing for a day?

Of course I have to have my camera, GoPro or mobile with me to catch the moments in the slopes. I do not ski without a first aid in my pocket (my boyfriend always have one).

5. How do you stay fit during summer?

I love to working out! Have been started to do triathlon this summer and love to do these kinds of activities during autumn and winter to. Of course I going to the gym and train my legs and core for the skiing. I think that if you do something you love to, it´s not difficult to work for it.