She can Ski Sunday: Inge IJff

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Inge IJff


  • Age: 30 years
    Three #hashtags that describe you: #modernnomad #mountaingirl #saltyhair
  • Where can we find you:
    Summer: Zandvoort, my hometown
    Winter: As much as possible in the mountains, don’t really care where. Just being in the mountains, and I love to go to new places.

1. Where does your passion for skiing come from?

As a child I was an outdoor kind of kid. For me “sadly” that only meant that it didn’t came any further then the mountains in Luxembourg. 11 years ago I found my love Stenmar. And as he is big on freeriding, I couldn’t stay behind and he thought me so along the way.

2. How is your summer vs. Winter?

I live in Zandvoort and therefore i’m very often in down at the sea or doing some mountainbiking through the dunes. I love to do that after a day of work (work: marketing operations manager at Adidas). Besides that, if work allows me to take some time of, I love to jump in our bus and drive off and do some hiking, ski touring or going to some surfspots. Aswell in summer as in winter, I love to do roadtrips together with my husband and dog in our bus through all of Europe and I find it really important to relax next to my busy job at Adidas.

Inge IJff - She and Ski

3. What are your dreams for the next three years?

I would love to have a camper so that the roadtrippin easier is in winter time. With respect to skiing: I went to La Grave last December and I loved that so much. The combination of skiing and mountaineering thats something I would love to learn more about.

4. What should not be missing in your backpack when you go skiing for a day?

Besides my skins, pieps, probe and shovel, a pair of sunglasses, bottle of water and some candy for the dog.

5. How do you stay fit during summer?

I do crossfit and besides that mountain biking and running down at the beach.

She can Ski Inge IJff

6. You’re the wife of a Poederbaas and you have a search and rescue dog in training. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

My loves are Stenmar and Charlie the Border Collie and then the “virus” Poederbaas comes along ;). This combination means that life will never be boring and keeps on challenging us in a good way. I have the luck that Stenmar for Poederbaas busy is with a lot of different activities, and that I can help him with that but also enjoy the benefits. How cool is it do design your own beanies, or travel to Austria to just visit some shops?! Charlie always comes along, and that how we love to have it. Because we travel pretty often, is it for us of real importance that the dog can travel along anywhere we go and that also means real training to be a search and rescue dog. Stenmar is most of the times busy with the training of Charlie, but sometimes I function in that process as a victim lol. When we go skiing, we ski most of the times off-piste and thats the reason why we find it very important that Charlie knows what to do. How cute is it, when your dog runs through the pow in front of you and you just cruise behind him/her?