She can ski Sunday – Iris van der Zande

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Iris van der Zande


  • Age: 27 years
    Three #hashtags that describe you: #skiing #passionate #athlete
  • Where can we find you:
    Summer: In some land far away from here. Hopefully the Philippines or Colombia
    Winter: Everywhere in Austria: Zell am See – Kaprun – Kitzsteinhorn; Krippenstein; Saalbach-Hinterglemm; Obertauern; Flachau; Italia. 

1. Where does your passion for skiing come from?

I have been skiing from an early age. My father and my uncle had an indoor roller track together in Heemskerk. I had te start skiing from my parents but really started to like it when I was 14. I then became in contact with skiing slalom and giant slalom competitions. At that time I was often in Austria and other countries to train and ski competitions. When I was 16 I stopped, because of the ‘well-known’ knee problems. Then I started to take courses as a ski and snowboard instructor through Snowsports Academy. Over the years, my passion for this sport has only grown more. And there is nothing nicer than being able to share my passion with others.

2. How is your summer vs. Winter?

I work as a teacher of  study Sport and Exercise; the Cios in Haarlem. Together with my two other colleagues (Martine van der Hoorn and Tomas Schuijtemaker), I give a course about snowsports and skiing. The pre-season and the whole winter are all about skiing and snowboarding. In the winter I am often on the road with my students, or I work for Snowsports Acadamy to give training to become a ski instructor. Besides all the working in the snow I try to ski or board some days for myself. In the summer I am enjoying the sun. In the summer I like being on the water, wakeboarding or surfing even though I am not very good at it. It’s all about the fun ;).

Iris van der Zande She can Ski Sunday

3. What are your dreams for the next three years?

My ultimate dream is to develop my snowboard skills, especially freestyle, I’m really careful, so it would be very nice to experience some freedome in doing tricks. In addition, I would like to go to Japan in the next 3 years to freeride but Canada is also high on the list.

Oeeehhh I am crazy about dreams..

4. What should not be missing in your backpack when you go skiing for a day?

In addition to my safety-gear (LVS-Probe-Shovel) I never go out without an extra layer and without tea. I hate to be cold. And when it fits, I bring my camera with me.

5. How do you stay fit during summer?

In a normal week I try to do crossfit twice, I also do boxing once a week and once in the week I have tennis training. Maybe it is not so much a specific training for skiing, but for this profession you have to be fit, and I like to do that with a lot of variation.

Last year, when I participated in the Staatlicher course, I had to be top fit. I did a lot of ski specific training and ensured that my overall fitness went up. I trained my balance with half a bosu ball, an indo boards and of course the slack line.

Iris van der Zande Cios She and Ski

6. You train people to become ski instructors, what has brought you here?

When I was doing my the sportstudy at the Cios I followed a course about snowsports and thought I would be really awesome to teach this course. First I had to finish the Cios than do another study in sports and then I could work at the Cios. Once working at the Cios I had Tomas Schuijtemaker and Martine van der Hoorn as my immediate colleagues. They are both trainers at Snowsports Academy. With their help and with their confidence, I finally subscribed to the admission test of the Staatlich. It was a dream that came true when I heard.


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