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She can Ski Sunday: Marie Hoika

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Marie Hoika


  • Age: 26 years
    Three #hashtags that describe you: #optimistic #alwayshungry #mountainlover
  • Where can we find you:
    Summer:Munich/at a windy beach
    Winter:Munich/in the mountains

1. Where does your passion for skiing come from?

My dad put skis on my feet at the age of two and pushed me through our backyard. That was the moment I got hooked I guess.

2. How is your summer vs. Winter?

During my studies, I started looking at the snow forecast in the beginning of November and when it looked promising, it was easy to find at least one friend who would join me for a day in the powder. After university, I spent my summer traveling and my autumn working and kitesurfing in Spain. In December, I moved to Austria to work as a ski instructor. Now I’m back for work in Munich and enjoyed my summer weekends and days off in the city, the mountains and my favorite place in Spain: Tarifa. Now I can’t wait to put my ski boots back on.

Marie Hoika Jumping Cliffs

3. What are your dreams for the next three years?

I’d love to ski in Japan or go on a road trip through British Columbia and I definitely need to explore more of the Western Alps in Winter.

Working (as a dentist) somewhere in the mountains or close to the sea to have the perfect work-ski/kite-balance.

4. What should not be missing in your backpack when you go skiing for a day?

Water, because I can’t stand one hour without a sip. And I never pack bananas: they’re not crashproof …

5. How do you stay fit during summer?

I do yoga, go swimming and try to squeeze in some exercises for my legs and core.Marie Hoika Germany Skier

6. What are your plans for this winter?

One big dream is coming true: I’ll go skiing in Georgia with my dad. Another plan is to get more into ski touring.