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#SHESKIS – Atomic

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A few days ago Atomic came with an epic start for the season, just to get you those winter vibes. (If you didn’t had them yet). A short promo about women who ski, in all the different types of skiing thats available. From cross-country skiing until freeriding deep in the backcountry, which is our favorite.

It signs of at the hashtag #SHESKIS, which was the initial name that we thought of writing this blog. #SHESKIS exactly describes what we stand for: “Strong and fierce women, who find their strength and confidence in the mountains, take it a step further, out of their comfort zone, try new things but above all are women”.  This sometimes means the ultimate feeling of freedom, but can also mean that you crash from time to time. But no worries – when you learn to fall, you will also learn how to get back on your feet and try again. For now just watch this movie, and get those winter vibes!

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