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Skiing vs. Work

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Do you know the feeling, that you only want to go skiing? Just be in the mountains? Having the ultimum feeling of freedom? You don’t know that feeling, watch out! It’s contagious ;). But how can you do all of this? I know it’s an illusion to think you can just go skiing all the time. Skiing means money. Skiing ‘unfortunately’ costs a lot of money and on the side you have obligations to your boss who gives you a certain amount of days off per year.


We have a few tips, so you can ski as much as you like:

#1. Seasonal work

Seasonal work can help you make a lot of hours of work during the summer, so you can go away almost all winter. Or you can combine it with a job in the snow. When you have a job in the snow you make sure you have a steady income during the wintertime! In most of the wintersport areas there’s a lot of demand for workers in bars and restaurants or you can work as a ski instructor. Summer work simply makes sure you can go skiing during the winter time, without any other obligations. Examples of cool summer jobs: Outdoor jobs (surfing, sailing wakeboarding and more) or you can work in a bar or restaurant.

#2. Freelancer

Do you work in a sector where you can easily start as a freelancer? And where you can do it all from your computer? Yes? DO IT! It makes sure you have a steady income, but you can do it all remotely. So when you know it’s dumping the upcoming days, you can make sure you have the day after off and work more in the evenings. Sound all pretty good, but the most important is that you have the discipline to make sure that the work you have to do gets done. You have to make sure your customers are happy and stay happy. You have this discipline? Then this could be your perfect match!

#3. Unpaid leave

You just have to few days off per year? Some employers offer the possibility of a certain period of unpaid leave. Hereby you don’t have to quit your job, and you can get right back when your unpaid leave is over. The risk factor is a little bit lower, and for people who like a bit more control of the situation this could be a good one! Keep in mind that you save a little bit of money, because unpaid leave means unpaid you will earn 0.-.

#4. Buy your days off

You’re not allowed to go on unpaid leave, then you have a second option! Many employers offer besides the regular days off the possibility of trading a percentage of your income for a certain amount of days off. Mostly this comes with a maximum of days (too bad). The costs of trading your income for days off is mostly doable.

#5. Webshop

Start being an online entrepreneur. E.g. a webshop, affiliate site, blog and so on. So you have a source of income, but your not stuck to an office or other fixed workplace. Most often to realize this it takes a lot of time and effort. But it will give you the freedom to be in te mountains en ski when a dump of snow came down!

Do you already know what you’re going to do? Or are you do it different?

Let us know!

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