Kuutsemäe sleeping at skislope

Roadtrip – Sleeping at a skislope

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At the beginning of july we went on an organised roadtrip called the carbagerun! Which means on the road with a car of 250 euro’s along with 7 people for about 5000 kilometers.

Perfect plan, ultimate adventure!

Roadtrip Carbagerun 2017 She & Ski

Route Roadtrip

During this roadtrip from Holland >> Germany >> Poland >> Lithuania >> Latvia all the way to Estonia we slept at the most amazing places e.g. Airports.

Kuutsemäe Estonia Ski area

Sleeping down at the ski slope

One of those places was the ski slope in Kuutsemäe in Estonia! Something I had never experienced before. I find those places in summer time fascinating, as you almost can’t imagine people skiing down there.

Also walking into a ski chalet in your summer clothes, where you can order some bratwurst and fries doens’t really speak up to the imagination of walking into a ski chalet. All the tents were placed on the ski hill, where the smartest of all made sure they were sleeping along the ski hill but some managed to place their tents sidewirds. So they slept pretty good I guess :P.

Just about time for a Weizen beer, and ticking one more box at my bucketlist!

Ps. We actually slept really well down at ski slope as our car broke down that day during an off-road adventure (broke down the fuel injection) haha.

Did you sleep at a ski slope before?

Carbarge run car broke down team kapowski

The moment our car broke down 😛

Enjoying the mountain lodge Kuutsemäe

love she and skiSHE & SKI

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