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Snowman – Redbull tv

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The thing they call passion

Sometimes you have those moments that the time you have left for your passions are a bit less then you used to, perhaps since you are studying or the amount of days you should be attending to classes, the fact that you started your first job and you only have an x amount of days off. All those things are pretty normal, but it could mean that this is a bit in the way of your greatest passions.

That’s something I had until a year ago with my passion for skiing. It off course remained in the mean time one of my greatest passions (no actually me biggest), but I hadn’t enough time free to go skiing as much as I wanted to. Last year the moment came of realization that it’s not always about the elements that are expected of you in life, I call it the expected “course” we have to go in life.

Redbull Tv – Snowman

A while ago I got a tip to watch a certain movie on Redbull TV and this is one I like to share with you guys, as it is such a nice deep dive in this feeling as I described above. People with a preference for snow, who like to do nothing else then enjoying the snow, the mountains and the skiing , will recognize themselves in those two men. And perhaps.. It will wake you up a bit that life isn’t about the “expected” course you have to take (school, study, jobs, buy houses, having kids and so on.).


Below you can find a short trailer of the movie “Snowman”

Via this link you can watch the whole movie >> SNOWMAN

love she and ski


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