Summer in the mountains – 5 things you can do

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Do you ever think to go to the mountains to spend your summer(holidays)? Maybe you love it in wintertime, with all the snow and the possibilities to ski or snowboard, but you don’t know what you can do in summer?

We selected 5 outdoor activities that you can do this summer(holiday) when you travel to the mountains!


The mountains are super for mountainbiking. You can reach high altitudes with the most beautiful outlook and after that hard work you put in to get up there you can enjoy your way down. You could also decide to take an e-mountainbike. Hereby, it’s easier to cover larger distances and get on higher altitudes. You see this type of mountainbiking more and more in the mountains.
My first adventure on a mountainbike was not here in the flatlands, but in the dolomites, so if I may share my experience 😉 please let you inform yourself well about the different routes. Something we did not so well haha.

Hiking (Hikingtrip for more days)

Are you done with the high temperatures in de valleys? You could escape these temperatures by going a little bit higher up the mountain. Also during summertime the mountains are as beautiful as they can be. All the different colors of green, mountain lakes and the incredible views are worth it to take a little hike to the top. Online you can find a lot of different routes, but there are also a lot of possibilities from the villages in the valleys with clear signs where to go including the average time it takes to get there. If you’re feeling like it, or you (just like me) hate it to walk up somewhere and then have to walk down on the same day, then there are different mountain cabins where you can stay overnight. Hereby, you can change a day hike in a multiple day hikingtrip! In these mountain cabins you get an amazing breakfast, lunch (most of the times) and a bed to sleep for a small price including the mountainviews.


Did you know that a lot Alp countries have amazing lakes besides the mountains? Do you still wanna enjoy the summer temperatures in combination with the lower temperatures on top of the mountain, than days at the lake could be the perfect combination. At these lakes you are almost always surrounded by mountains and the water is as clear as it can be. So take your sup out there and enjoy! Good to know, it is not allowed to super everywhere you want to as it is the case e.g. in Holland. Just look around if you see some other people sup and probably you will be safe ;). You don’t have your own sup? At a lot of lakes you have the possibility to rent a sup. Just take a look at the campgrounds or water rentals to have the biggest chances to succeed!

Kitesurfing / Windsurfing

Besides supping you see also a lot of kitesurfers and windsurfers on these lakes. Do you wanna enjoy a little bit more of the waterspouts in summer, then you are still able to do so combining it with your days in the mountains. Are you not able to bring your own stuff or you don’t have it? At these lakes there are different spots where you can rent out your gear, so no worries!

Via Ferrata

Are you looking for a little bit more adventure? Try one of the Via Ferrata’s! You can just do a Fia Ferrata, or you can combine it with a hike. To make it a little bit more excited. There are hike routes where these are included.

Enough of the active lifestyle? A day in a city can also be relaxing. In between of all those mountains you can find the prettiest city’s with beautiful parts of the old city.