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Evoc zip-on ABS airbagWeekly Favorites Schermafbeelding 2016-02-07 om 17.42.20 – Evoc Zip-on

My favorite zip-on for my ABS airbag is the one from Evoc. This zip-on gives you all the big and small features you need to ski in the outdoors. Evoc is one of the compatible partners of ABS, which makes sure that the zip-on fits on the ABS airbag. When i’m looking for a zip-on, i have some criteria which it needs to fulfill e.g. ski carrier and pockets for your avalanche equipment.
Both are checked with the Evoc zip-on. The ski carrier gives you the choice to secure your skis horizontal or diagonal.
Other amazing functionalities of theEvoc zip-on featuresse zip-on is the goggle bag on top, which gives you the ability to put you goggle away without risking any scratches on your lens. It gives you a helmet carrier, as shown on the left. If your hiking up a mountain its easy to put your helmet on your backpack, without it dangling on your backpack hitting the back of your legs. In my opinion a total advantage.

The zip on comes in all different sizes, if you are touring from lodge to lodge you might need a bigger backpack then when you are a day out freeriding.

All the amazing features of this zip-on are shown on the table on the left. Definitely one to recommend. You can get this zip on at: Evoc sports