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Still in doubt if you should ever go to the World Cup opening? A combination of skiing and a festival feeling? That is what you have there, with all people with the same passion and dreams. So we would say, if you have the chance to go there do it at least once, or maybe just a few times;) because it is so much fun!


Around lunch it's time to head for Zurich airport, where Sedie finally arrives in the afternoon after only a few hours of delay  :). Time to get in the car and head towards Sölden. We still have to drive around 4 hours before we get there. Within no time, 3 hours of these 4 hours have already passed. With a little more than an hour left we are in doubt whether we will be going to the MacDonalds or whether we will eat something healthy and hopefully getting some vitamins. We go for the latter. After we have driven for another hour, I guide Sedie on a small road to our apartment that was probably not meant for "normal" cars. This happens to us more often (shame), but we arrive safely at the apartment. Which is really only a few minutes walk from the center of Sölden, perfect! Time to put the luggage in the apartment and change clothes to go into the village to watch the bib numbers of the ladies.

After the bib numbers of the ladies are done it is time to eat something, now it is about 8 o'clock and everyone has decided to eat. We end up at Jati - Burger Bar & Craft Beer, super nice place for a drink and good food. When we go outside we see that there is plenty of partying everywhere and we are in doubt for a moment whether it is wiser to go to bed in time, but after a few seconds we decide that a party should definitely not be missed so we hop on the dance floor for a few more dances and drinks!




When the alarm goes off we are glad that at a clear moment we have decided to dive into our bed, relatively on time and that we go onto the glacier without any hangover, to watch the first races of the ladies. With the shuttle bus up and up the races of the ladies just started, we find a nice place to watch. View on the video screen, the slope, and the finish - top! Between the 1st run and the 2nd run we find out that a mega party is taking place, with super cool music, sunshine on our face, we make some dances and get to know a lot of new people! Time for the 2nd run where a 17 year old women takes the first place, crazy! Time for more party on top of the glacier, after which we go down again around 6 with the shuttle bus. We find out that we have eaten almost nothing so we quickly find a place to eat something. Then change clothes and in the evening we have another small party.


Again we wake up feeling really well and it is now time to see the men ski. Hop in the shower, have breakfast and go to the shuttle bus to drive back up to the glacier. This time we are a little faster and we decide to look at the men's competition from a different perspective. We walk up the slope to the side and where the steep part becomes the flat, and we find a perfect place so that we can oversee everything. We hear the speaker speak through the boxes, see the steep part and the flat spout from nearby and can just watch everyone go through the finish! Again we have a great party in between. On to the 2nd run we know to get hold of practically the same spot and see an amazing 2nd run. We end this day with a party on top of the mountain, the sun is back and we go down with the shuttle bus in the afternoon to relax in the apartment. Where we are one of the few who are still in Sölden. As full as it was that morning, this evening you have the feeling that you are the only one walking around here. We went to have a nice meal at Jati - Burger Bar & Craft Beer to properly end the weekend!

The next day a road trip of about 1100 km back to the Netherlands awaits us, but with all the energy we have gained over the past few days, that is quickly done. Stoked for the coming skiseason!



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