Supping Johnson Lake, Alberta, Canada

Sup your way through summer!

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Supping Johnson Lake, Alberta, Canada

Supping – one of my favorites thing to do during the summer! I always find it rather difficult to replace skiing during the summer time for something else. (I’d rather keep on skiing, is it indoors or on top of a gletsjer). Although It can be really good to be on the water during summertime (surfing, supping, wakeboarding, perfect!). Supping helps to train your balance, which indirectly helps you improve your skiing. So this gives you the perfect reason to train this during your ski summer break. But a sup isn’t really easy to transport, neither on your bike or car. Then there is an inflatable sup easily to take on your bike as it is packed easy in a backpack with a pump and paddle, perfect!

Supping to explore cities and islands

A sup is a perfect way to actively explore an island or city, (one of my favorites). From the water you get a totally different look of the city or island.One moment you think your in the middle of nature, and second you can feel the city vibes. A lot of different cities and islands offer sup tours to explore, mostly they offer different sup sets for rent. Europe and the U.S. have a lot of amazing sup spots, these will follow soon!

Sup in style?

For my supping adventures I bought the perfect shirt from Löle (my favorite). It gives you sun protection up to UPF 50 and dries quickly, for the ones with light skin the best thing to have on the water. As it is the place where I got most of my sun burns. Also super cute to combine it with your bikini or lycra tight!

Totally in balance on your sup?

When you have found total balance on your sup, you can combine your yoga class with supping! Yep, this is for the people with good (perfect) feeling for balance. Have fun!