How to train your skiing skills during summer

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At a certain moment in the ski season the moment comes that you have to accept that it could be a while before you are back on your ski’s again. Except for the fact when you go to New Zealand or to Australia, and that in wintermood for the whole year.

You’re not one of those lucky ones? Then here my tips how you can train your ski skills during summertime.

For us it was always a challenge to find stuff that we really like to do, but which are also elements that are important for skiing.

Below you can find our tips to keep on training your ski skills during summer:



Balance within skiing is known as a really important element, and really important for the freedom of your movement. Thus, It can really help your skiing! Eventhough you think everything is ok with you balance, you can always improve. E.g. I was always a gymnast when I was young, so you think it would be alright with my balance. But after a few of those training sessions I recognized there was so much possible!

Balance board

Perhaps well known, the balance board. It almost is one of our best friends when we watch television, or watch some Netflix or when I’m on the phone. A balance board, as the name states helps you train your balance. The balance board comes in a set, so you have the role and on top a kind of skinboard, where you should try to stay in balance on top of the role. So much fun while practicing or watching your friends try it, and you can train a lot of different stuff with it. Later more on that!

A balance board (Indo Board) is pretty expensive, appr. 200 euro’s when you decide to have the role and the board. There are other versions available, e.g. with a small cusion but the biggest challenge will be with the role! Is it a bit to expensive, then you can decide to make one by yourself! Something we did a few months ago, and it works perfectly. The how to’s will we share with you guys asap.



What is also so much fun to do during summer: Supping. When the weather is good you can sup on a lake, the sea or through the canals to explore a city. It is a kind of big surfboard where you paddle while standing. It will challenge your balance but also your core tension.


Some more balance training! Slacklining is one of our favorites, the challenge to get control over this moving webbing and afterwards trying to learn some new trics. The slackline is super easy to bring along, or just have in your car when you chill at a lake or at the parc with some friends. You will recognize that your legs will shake at the beginning, but afterwards you will gain more and more control. There are different slacklines available, for beginners, intermediates, experienced but also slacklines you can jump on or make flips. This also takes its toll on your balance and core tension.


Strength training

Next to all the balance training it remains important build your strength, to make sure that you are able to absorb all the power while skiing. Personally we really like to train our legs and core, and even more if I’m able to combine it with training my balance. Think about pistol squats or single leg deadlifts. Wanna know more about strength training for skiing, read this blogpost >> FIT FOR WINTER

Endurance training

It’s always good to keep your level of endurance high. We just like to do that by doing some running or a round on our race bike.


Other summer favorites

Next to all those sports we love to do some board sports during summer. Eventhough we love skiing during winter just a bit more :P.


Something we just love to do with friends, just for a few hours or the whole day just across the border in Germany. Perfect for a sunny summerday!


Something we actually found out, but we love to do it so much! The only disadvantage is that you are depending on the wind, but the power the wind brings along is again so much fun!


Always a perfect way to cruise through a city or to get to know a city. Most of the time we just like to have it lying in our car, so we can use it instead of my bike when we are going into the city or alongside a boulevard. Again something to train your balance a bit to get it a bit under control.


What is your favorite?

love she and ski


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